End-to-End Encryption


Bob sends this encrypted message over the public internet. Along the way, it may pass through multiple servers, including those belonging to the email service they’re using and to their internet service providers. Although those companies may try to read the message (or even share them with third parties), it is impossible for them to convert the ciphertext back into readable plaintext. Only Alice can do that with her private key when it lands in her inbox, as Alice is the only person that has access to her private key. When Alice wants to reply, she simply repeats the process, encrypting her message to Bob using Bob’s public key.


If Bob and Alice are both using sMessenger, no Email server is involved and messages are transmitted in encrypted form within our secure server network.


Messages are encrypted at all times

Messages are stored on our servers in encrypted format.


Messages are sended in encrypted format to the recipient.


Only the recipient of a message has access to the private key needed to decypher the content of a message.


Messages between sMessenger users are transmitted in encrypted form within our secure server network. (some providers refer to this as "chat")


Because data is encrypted at all steps, the risk of message interception is largely eliminated.

We respect Your privacy

Our servers do not store IP-addresses of connected users.


Our servers do not store private keys of users.


All communication between a user and our servers is using SSL. In addition to this protection, an additional layer of encryption is added to all communications using a key that is only known to our servers and the user.


For additional privacy, you might use the Tor network. Using Tor does come with some downsides. Tor connections typically are much slower than a standard internet connection, so performance will suffer as a result.


Tor and Email Privacy

There are several reasons why you might want to use sMessenger over Tor.


Routing your traffic to sMessenger through the Tor network makes it difficult for an adversary wiretapping your internet connection to know that you are using sMessenger.


Tor applies extra encryption layers on top of your connection, making it more difficult for an advanced attacker to perform a man-in-the-middle attack on your connection to us.


Tor also makes your connections to sMessenger anonymous as we will not be able to see the true IP address of your connection to our servers.